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We believe compliance training is more than a bitter pill to swallow. 

We think a strategic, engaging approach to compliance training that is easy to access and understand can have positive business implication.

Let Us Help You

Why Compliance?

There aren’t too many issues more business-critical than compliance training. Regrettably, many organizations use the traditional read-and-agree format – and don’t know it’s no longer acceptable to present regulators with signed documents as a way of proving compliance. Auditors will interview and test workers about these issues. It can put the entire organization at risk if your workforce isn’t prepared for that degree of compliance examination. 

There aren't too many issues more critical





Training Benefits

  • Time to Productivity - Meeting compliance requirements quickly and efficiently can greatly reduce the time it takes to get new hires up and running.
  • Compliance Gaps - Tracking enrollment and assessments brings compliance gaps to light immediately.
  • Lower Costs - The big payoff is better understanding, which leads to fewer incidents or infractions and can greatly reduce costs of remediation and fines.

Why LDI?

We have compiled a set of compliance courses
that can be used off the shelf or customized with your organization’s policies and branding.

If you have existing compliance training resources, we can help you make them current. Regardless of your situation, we’ll help you save money and develop a better approach!

Compliance Training Pricing


Organizations that wish to purchase individual courses will be charged a one-time fee of $5,000 per course. Organizations that wish to purchase the compliance bundle will be charged a one-time fee of $12,500, a $2,500 savings! This type of purchase allows you unlimited use of the course or courses within your organization. Organizations must host courses internally. Customization and branding are available at an additional cost.


Organizations that wish to purchase individual user accounts will be charged $50 a year per user for access to all three compliance courses. It also provides organizations with quarterly reports from LDI that track user completion. With this model, there is a one-time start up fee of $500 and an annual fee of $100 for subsequent years. Customization and branding are available at an additional cost.

We are here to help!

Let us assist you with your compliance training needs.


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